December 13, 2016

 Welcome to Part 3 of my solo travelogue! If you are headed to Melbourne in this December holiday I hope this guide would be useful! :)   

I went on an impromptu Great Ocean Road Trip on the third last day of my stay in Melbourne after chancing upon some magaz...

July 31, 2016

Hello! Sorry for the hiatus! I really need to make a mental note to blog regularly despite the hectic schedule of everyday life! Thankfully, I still have a week of peace before school term officially starts! So yay to that! :)

How I got lost and learnt that FREE TRAM is...

July 29, 2015


Two months ago I booked a trip to Melbourne by myself and three months later, a week post trip, I find myself missing that place already. Was it something about the neon blue sky and the ombre blue sea that bled into each other at the edge of their ripples, or...

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