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Semi-permanent BB treatment at Limmy's

As a treat to pamper myself, I made an appointment with Limmy's few weeks ago to try their semi-permanent BB cream treatment. I have been super busy and stressed recently, even to the point where I could feel irritated at little things. This was very unlike me. This trip to Limmy's definitely served as a much needed me time for me to unwind <3

Headed down to their shop after work, which was conveniently located 2 minutes away from Farrer Park Mrt Exit B. Yay!

So happy, much excites. Waiting for my turn to go into the cozy little rooms. Love the romantic colours and the whole ambiance of the shop.

Interior picture from Limmy's

Waited for a little while and was ushered into this room for my BB treatment! I immediately laid down on the bed. The beautician then proceeded to wrap a fluffy headband around my head and started to remove my makeup.

No more makeup on my face!

Rid of all my makeup which the friendly beautician helped me to remove. I always put a heavier coat of makeup on in the morning for it to last till the night if I have work. It can be a hassle to remove yet she was really gentle and patient with me. She even waited for me while I snapped pictures of myself hahahaha. Plus points for great service!

Starting the BB treatment!

The whitish thing you see on my face is actually the BB cream from the ampoules for the treatment. Basically, she applied the special BB cream on half of my face with a brush, then navigated around my face with this mini light saber thing. This device contained many tiny needles to deliver the colour into the skin. Once she was done with one half, she moved on to apply the special BB cream on another half. No numbing cream was applied.

I was very afraid of pain so I freaked out a little when she mentioned the word "needles. The whezzy sound from the machine did not help to ease my nerves. However, she assured me that the needles were so small that you would not feel any pain. It was true! I asked if the needles were new for every customer. Due to hygiene factors, the needles would have to be changed.

The whole session took about 2 hours, in which I fell asleep and had no other memory of it except to wake up to brighter skin. So much for being a scardy cat initially! I was really tensed at the thought of having "needles" on my face. I was so glad it was comfortable enough for me to drift off into slumber land. Hehe.

Thoughts after waking up on Friday (the next morning):

The BB semi permanent makeup did balance out my skin tone and made me appear more awake. Upon waking up, I could tell that the dark circles under my eyes blended more with the fleshy colour of my cheek area. I did not look that tired anymore yay!

My face was oilier than usual for the first day, but I was told before hand and assured it was normal. True enough,the oily feeling subsided on the second day. What I love is that I can wake up later and not fret about concealing my dark eye circles. I spend lesser time to blend my foundation because the base has already been set nicely by the BB treatment.

How long does it last?

Sadly, this effect would only last for a few days to a week if you are a first timer. More maintenance would have to be done (2 or 3 times), and the effect would be more pronounced and longer lasting. Then, it would last up to 4-6 months. I can't wait for my next session!

Can you imagine the time you can save for more sleep? Since it is the Chinese New Year period, I would recommend you to do nearer to the dates of Chinese New year so that your skin would be BB glowing without any makeup to wow your relatives!


88 Rangoon road #01-05


Limmy's Nails & Beauty lounge

Limmy's also provide other services such as nails, lips and eyebrow embroidery and many more! Do checkout their Facebook for more information.

Feel free to drop me an email at for any questions!


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