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Ouni Beauty Eyeliner Embroidery

新年快乐!Happy lunar New Year dear friends

It has been a great weekend for me as I was visiting my relatives and friends this lunar new year! Among all the chaos of preparing the house for visitation by relatives and waking up early to visit other house, I am glad I did my eyeliner embroidery by Ouni beauty a day before CNY started!

Before I did the eyeliner embroidery, I had this misconception that my eyes would be swollen and I would have to appear in front of my relatives with swollen eye, but I was pleasantly surprised! Not only was there no red or puffy eye, the embroidery turned out great. It did save me alot of time as I could just put on my contact lens and false lashes within a few minutes and head outside afterwards. Talk about the amount of sleep saved! Hehehe.

Last Friday (27th January)...

Headed off to Ouni Beauty at Tanjong Pagar for consultation!

Upon meeting me, Charlene who was in charge of my eyeliner embroidery, was very friendly and motherly towards me. She offered me lots of beauty advice such as how to draw my eyebrow (which I would share with you later!). I opted for inner eyeliner embroidery instead of having it directly on my eyelid as I still wanted to experiment with different eyeliner style. After some discussion, she laid me down on the bed and covered me with a comfortable blanket before removing my makeup.

<During the procedure, after all my makeup was removed>

Although many people have said that it would be painful, I did not feel any pain at all due to the numbing cream that was applied on my eyelids. All I felt was itchiness due to the humming needles. Talking about needles, Charlene opened a new pack of needles in front of me and explained that it is compulsory that they open a fresh one for every customer they have.

The whole process took about 2hours, in which numbing cream was applied every few minutes. Charlene was very gentle and she was sure to explain what she was doing every step of the way. She made sure to tell me she was going to apply the numbing cream, to rinse my eye, or to start the machine again before she touched my eyes. This really gave me a sense of security as a first timer who did not know what to expect. Gentle would totally be an understatement haha.

After the eyeliner embroidery was done, Charlene very patiently drew my eyebrows for me because I had this bad habit of drawing them too thickly so they looked like Crayon Shin Chan. See how natural it looked as compared to when I first stepped into the salon! (Scroll back up to the first picture to look for a joke hahaha). The head of the eyebrow should not be drawn beyond the starting outer "V" corner of your eye or else you would end up looking too fierce.

Yay for professional tips!

After the whole procedure was done. No makeup on at all except the embroidery.

This was taken immediately after and I was so happy there was no swelling or pain! Honestly the only pain I felt was when the numbing cream went into my eye, and even then Charlene was quick. She immediately used the saline solution to flush it out of my eye. I literally walked out of the salon and went home like this haha!

What to expect after the embroidery:

I was told by the director of Ouni beauty that the embroidery hurt badly for her, but for me I really did not feel any pain at all. She said that her eye was a little swollen the next day, but for me I went about and around to 拜年 feeling awesome (lol!). I guess different skin react differently to embroidery so expectation management is important!

It has been 4 days since the embroidery and the black inner eyeliner has started to flake off. All that is left is a grey shadow on my inner eyeliner. This is normal because as with all semi permanent makeup, eyeliner embroidery requires touching up after one month to make it last for a few months.

What I love:

What I love about the whole procedure was that it did not hurt at all, and I can save so much time putting on eyeliner in the morning. Although a second touch up is required for the semi permanent eyeliner to last, it is worth the trip down! Ouni beauty is a korean semi permanent makeup specialist brand so they are literally from Korea, and they also hold classes for you to learn their korean semi permanent makeup skills. You can literally become your own boss once you are certified! How cool is that.

Don't believe theres no swelling? This video was taken one day after my eyeliner embroidery with them. Click to see!

Hope you had a great CNY this year! Wishing you great health and prosperity! HUAT AH!

The outlet at tanjong pagar is the first Ouni Beauty Store in Singapore. There are more up and coming ones soon!

Ouni Beauty Facebook:

Ouni beauty address: 92 Tanjong Pagar Road s088 513

Ouni Beauty email:

Ouni Beauty contact: 9710 6096


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