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Things to do in Korea: Dye your hair pink at Soonsiki hair

It is difficult not to cave into your inner desire to become a pink monster, especially when you are in a land surrounded by cute things everywhere! It can be difficult to find a salon that provides english speaking staff here in Korea. As Korean language was not my native language, communication could be difficult. This language barrier could bring forth the inconvenience or possible misunderstanding when trying to accurately convey the hairstyle that you want. Fortunately, I chanced upon Soonsiki hair who offered english speaking staff, so I found myself weaving through the cafe littered street to hunt down the salon!

There are two outlets, Hapjeong and Hongdae and both are within walking distance of one another. I went to the one at Hongdae, which was located at Hongik University station! One thing I realized about Korea's location is that when they say "Let's meet at Hongdae station", they are actually referring to Hongik University station!

How I got there:

Take exit 9

Walk straight alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the way for 10 minutes, past all the clothing boutiques till you see an intersection. Turn left at Etude house.

Walk for 10 seconds and you will see this!

Take the lift up to the 5th floor and you are one soft cushion seat away from a hair transformation!

Once inside, I did not have to take long to decide on the style that I want. The hospitable staff, decked in their cute black petticoat, dished out sweets placed upon a large, woven tray. The smell of warm green tea spiraled lazily away from the glass. I surrendered to the soothing ambient and picked up a sugared biscuit to nibble on. As I watched the empty streets welcomed the occasional strolling passerby, the staff worked their magic on my hair beside me.

Not to mention, Minam, the hair stylist that was taking care of my hair, went around the hair salon performing magic tricks to trade the bored gazes of their customers for eyes glazed with enchantment and disbelief. They were really dedicated, making sure to check on my hair every few minutes because my hair had already been bleached thrice yet here I am, bleaching for the fourth time to get that pastel pink.

My confidence in them proved to be the right decision made when I saw how pretty my hair turned out to be!

How to book your appointment (Foreigners get up to 30% discount!)

Book online: 5% off before walk in Pay in cash: 5% off Foreigner: 20% off (on dye hair, perm) --------------------------------------------------------- Website: Facebook : soonsikihair Instagram : @soonsikihair @soonsikihair_hongdae Address & Number : Hongdae location.... 364-31, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea #02.326.5982~3 (opening hours 10am - 9pm everyday)


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