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Things to do in Korea: Dermatology services with MISOODA (SeouLeaguer Dermatology)

As most of us already know, kpop songs, fried chicken, sexy girl groups and plastic surgery would be one of the first few things that would pop into your mind once you mention "South Korea". Having been here for close to 3 months, I would say I have been blessed to enjoy most of the above in Seoul. Well... all except for plastic surgery, which the scardey cat in me would never dare to undergo. So...the next best thing I did was to try the aesthetics services in Seoul!

I arrived in Febuary when the weather was so cold, it caused my skin to start flaking in ways I have never thought it would in sunny Singapore. My skin felt really tight most of the time but it was nothing this beauty conscious country couldn't find a solution to. A quick search linked me up to this website offering a myriad of services, from skin care, to dental services, to hair transplant, even to getting a new face with plastic surgery.

Look at its pretty and pink exterior! It immediately caught my eyes and a little navigation later, I found myself with the best deals, clinics and procedures that were available in Seoul. What I really like about this website was its high transparency, that it displayed the price so it would be hassle free for foreigners like myself to book the services and head down to the clinic instantly! I spent some time being intrigued and felt like I was Dora the explorer on the website because it was so easy to navigate and get lost in the pictures of pleasing faces.

Clicking into the "Skin" section to look for the services I needed, I was amazed by the reviews left by other real users, especially with SeouLeaguer Dermatology. I decided to look for information about the clinic, which was conveniently on the website tab itself!

They offer services such as botox, laser, ultheraphy, thread lift but because skin hydration was my main concern, I opt for the No-touch Water Mesotherapy and went down to the clinic! I really like the layout and easy accessibility to all the information. Talk about efficiency haha.

Met with Doctor Lee Jung Hoon who has 12 years of experience, specializing in botox, thread lift and hydration injection. I was accompanied by a female translator who translated the doctor's Korean into mandarin so I could understand. The whole atmosphere and their dedicated way of treating their patients made me feel so warm and safe! The doctor's profile and the credentials stated on Misooda's website were exactly what I got when I arrived, which really put me at ease.

During the consultation, I decided to go for the nose fillers too. I was not pushed or pressured into it by the doctor. I did entertain the idea of trying nose fillers ever since last year where clinics in Singapore offered to sponsor fillers for me. However, I felt I was not ready for the procedure because I was happy with the way I was despite being teased for my nose for many years (both in school and online) when I was a teenager.

These are the actual pictures I got tagged in on my facebook timeline in 2011. LOL! My nickname was Voldemort/Voldy in secondary school. Some people even called me Michael Jackson. Despite this, I never felt the need to alter my nose due to being teased, even when it was offered to me in the past. What was important to me was that I would be comfortable in enhancing my looks because it was what I wanted rather than following others when I was not ready for it, or because I was teased growing up.

The thing is, never let your past make you feel like you are never enough. Always believe in yourself and if others are being mean or trying to diss you, the issue is more with them than you. Here with a trusted website in Seoul, a good doctor and fillers that last only 6 months to a year, I decided I would go ahead with it to grow a temporary nose for this Voldemort (LOL). HA (Hyaluronic acid fillers) are always dissolvable if you do not like the results.

Heading upstairs for my treatment!

Last picture of my old nose and a twist to brighter skin!

Nose filler injection

Doctor Lee Jung Hoon doing his magic. He first injected anesthesia to my skin. After awhile, the filler Neuramis was injected into my nose. The pain factor was 1/10 (I am not kidding), probably because the brand of filler already had anesthesia in it.

Next up was the

No Touch Water Mesotheraphy developed by Seoul Leaguer

I was really amazed by this procedure because while normal mesotheraphy require multiple injection and would leave behind red spots on your skin (mostly the cheek area) that requires a week of recovery, this patent pending product does not leave behind any wound or obvious mark. I only had 4 jabs compared to the traditional mesotheraphy which would leave many puncture marks on your skin.


♥ Improve skin brightness

♥ Moisterizing, promote collagen production

♥ Improve skin glow, skin elasticity

♥ Skin flexibility regeneration

♥ Reverse dryness of skin

♥ Quick, no downtime

A picture with the charming doctor after the jabs. A little swelling on the cheek and nose would be normal so my nose bridge was higher than it should be. After a few days, the actual result would be shown after the nose deswells.

Notice that my skin was still clear and no visible marks could be seen! I walked around Apgujeong and other areas in Seoul right after the jab lol. My face swelled like this for 2 days after the hydration jab but it was not very obvious at all.

Side by side comparison. Love how my nose reflects the light!

Before and after.

Now I do not need to spend so much time contouring my nose! Love the subtle contour effect that would last me for a few months to a year. Although my nose was not as pronounced as it once was (as the above picture) since the swelling had subsided, I love how it enhances without changing my looks or going too overboard.

You can go for a touchup after 2 weeks of the nose filler procedure, however I am happy with the tweak and would not want to go for more. Bruising might occur for some, depending on the doctor's skill and how your body reacts it it. For me, I did not bruise thankfully.

Removed my makeup when I got home and I was amazed at the whitening effect of the one touch mesotheraphy!

Overall, I really love the results from the dermatology procedure and it was due to the convenience and ease of MISOODA that made my experience stress free one. Being a foreigner away from home can be difficult when you want to look for the best price but language barrier and lack of knowledge prevent you from doing so. This is where MISOODA, a government licensed Medical Tourism Corporation comes into the picture to ensure what you pay is what you get, and there are no fear of ghost doctor (secret swapping of doctors) and malpractice insurance would be covered.

Whats more, MISOODA can let kiasu Singaporeans like myself source for the best price with their best price guarantee. I do not need to go through the stressful experience of conversing with doctors who might not understand me and to haggle for the price as though I am in a supermarket lol. Paying for jacked up price would definitely be least of my worries and real reviews from other users can enable you to make the best informed choice too. Talk about value added services!

They actually won awards as top 8 out of 1600 Medical Tourism Services in Seoul. A variety of services is provided and should you need any, you can check out their website. Stay beautiful!

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