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Things to do in Korea: Trazy's Taean's Tulip festival and strawberry picking tour

Last week, I got an opportunity to visit Taean's Tulip festival and strawberry picking sponsored by, an English friendly tour booking website. April and May in spring are the best time to admire tulips and many other varieties of flowers. You need at least 2.5 hours to get to Taean from Seoul, so I was really glad Trazy had this tour which brings you directly to the festival. The tour package price was inclusive of the entrance fee too.

Through, I got to choose between these two options:

Option 1) Taean Tulip Festival + Strawberry Farm


Option 2) Taean Tulip Festival + Light Festival

I chose the first option for the strawberry farm activity. There were 3 different pick up stations ( Hongik University station / Myeong dong station / Dongdaemun History and cultural park) that I could board the bu for the tour. These 3 stations were the perfect options as they are located near tourist accommodations, hotels and popular tourist spots.

Do note that Dongdaemun History and Culture Park station is different from Dongdaemun station so be sure not to get confused and wait at the wrong station! At the time allocated, the transport came to pick me up and I fell asleep throughout the journey until the driver woke us up at different rest spots.. It was such a fuss free and an easy drive!

Halfway through, the transport stopped at this rest stop for the tourist to freshen up.

I grabbed my favourite fried rice cake to snack on!

After a long drive, we arrived at the entrance of the tulip festival. It is not difficult to tell why this festival was actually awarded the world's top 5 Tulip festival by the world summit society (WTSS).

Beautiful entrance!

Love these! Doesn't the red markings on the white tulips look like petals on its own?

Rows and rows of breath taking tulips. The air smelt really fresh.

There were many food stalls at the festival so after walking around on the free and easy tour, I found a seat and got a bowl of rice cake.


We were given 3 hours to walk around the vast and colourful field. As per the itinerary, we got up the transport again to head to the strawberry farm at 2.30pm!

The strawberries at the strawberry farm were really big and juicy. We were allowed to pluck and eat them off the vines. Also, a box was given to us so we could store our loots and bring them home!

Enjoying the big and juicy strawberries! There was a downpour so my hair and clothes were drenched. To fully enjoy the outdoor activities and tour, I would recommend you to bring an umbrella.

At around 4.00pm, we gathered together in a little wooden hut to pack our belongings which we had left there prior to the strawberry picking. The owner of the strawberry farm kindly gave us biscuits to go along with their jam. It was homemade and did no contain any preservatives. It was really delicious! We were then sent back to our original point of boarding at the respective stations.

Overall, I really enjoyed the trip and it was thanks to Trazy's english website that allows me to understand what I was booking. The multiple options also allowed me to choose whether I wanted to witness the light festival or pluck strawberries. Personally I feel the light festival would be great for couples on a date and the strawberries activity would be a good choice for family bonding time!

Booking on can be completed in 3 easy steps: also has other destinations in Asia, where the top destinations include Seoul, Jeju and Bangkok.

They keep a lookout for the latest and trendiest travel information, so you know you are in good hands when you book through their website. To travel crazy, start booking through now!

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