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Things to do in Seoul: 1 day trip to Gangneung by KoreaTravelEasy (English site)

Yesterday I went on a fun filled trip to Gangneung, which is located in the Gangwon province. If you watch the Kdrama Goblin, you would know that Jumunjin it is the area where they filmed the movie.

I booked the trip via KoreaTravelEasy, which has many unique travel tours such as Making your own Fresh Korean Cheese and tickets to see shows and concerts. With a huge variety of choices, you can easy book itineraries for your whole family or couple dates on the tour. I chose the 1 day trip to Gangneung because it allowed me to go to 6 different places in one day!

The pickup point was between Myeong dong or Hongik university station (Hongdae). After getting on the bus at Myeongdong (8am), i fell asleep. The entire journey took 3 hours so despite the early hour pickup, you can catch up on your sleep on the bus.

Place 1: Gyeongpo lake

Fancy a ride?

The place had rental shops where you could pay to ride on the bicycle. It cost 20,000KRW for an hour of leisurely cycling along the river outline. The entire place had a romantic atmosphere to it. It would be great to cycle with your partner here, along with all the other couples by the river.

Gyeongpo lake was a huge piece of blue. Each time the wind blew, the surface of the water trembled. It was the perfect place to unwind.

Place 2: Traditional Gangneung Jung-ang Market

My tastebuds were in for a treat at this station. Our tourguide, Hee, recommended us some really delicious food. He spoke fluently in English so there was no problem understanding him at all. I tried squid ring omelette thing for the first time. It was really yummy! As it was a traditional market, there were many street stalls lined up side by side. You could get things such as preserved pickles to bring back to your home country.

Place 3: Preview the Winter Olympics games excitement at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics House

After lunch, the tour brought us to preview the winter olympics game excitement. The entire place was really colourful. This is the place to go for you to capture your instaworthy shots! This place would be really educational for families with children!

Place 4: Chilling on the rooftop on the coffee street~

Coffee. Sea breeze. White canopy. Nuff said.

Place 5: Take photos like the actors in Goblin at Youngjin Beach at Jumunjin

This is the famous goblin filming spot that became really famous after the show! They even placed a board to notify people that the movie was filmed here.

The tour guide (Hee) was really humorous so he got us to take a picture with the optical illusion trick. This man was actually just a piece of paper cutout he was holding! No worries if you don't have an oppa to take picture with you. Hee has got it all sorted out. Hahaha.

Alternatively, you can choose to glide with the Aranabi Zipline (option) for 600m over the Solbaram Bridge and the ocean. None of the people in the tour chose the option so we headed to the Sodol Adeulbawai park instead.

Place 6: Sodol Adeulbawai Park

Personally, I really like the story behind Sodol Adeulbawi Park as told by Hee. A legend goes that once, there was a couple who wanted to have a son. Yet, they had no children. They then came here to pray for 100 days and miraculously they had a child! It really shows the significance that people place on having sons over daughter. At the end of the day, they are both human.

So this sums up the end of my day trip! I never had a dull or boring moment with the engaging guide. The tour was well planned and hassle free. I could log onto KoreaTravelEasy and book the trip 2 days in advanced despite not knowing any korean language. From their website, you are able to see the exact location of where the tour would bring you so you can travel with ease of knowing where you will be at.

Alternatively, you could book your own private car van for 10 hours if you prefer to stay in Seoul instead of venturing so far out. For people who are lazy to plan their own trip, KoreaTravelEasy has this exclusive 5 days trip where they bring you to all the popular MUST GO places around Seoul. I would recommend you to book this pre-planned trip if you have elder members in your family. They even have things such as Prepaid data SIM card with unlimited wifi so they practically cover all your travel needs. Horray for one stop travel sites in English!

Here is a short video of the highlights of my trip!

Enjoy! x

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