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3rd visit to The Clifford Clinic: Restylane Skin Booster (水光针)

Ever since I came back from Korea, I noticed that I became more attuned to the beauty standards set by the ladies there. I always wondered how they literally GLOWED naturally from within. Although my Korean friends did recommend products like Innis Free/ Laniege sleeping mask for that glow, it was never the kind that I wanted to achieve. Thankfully, the doctors at The Clifford Clinic had the solution!

水光针! Skin booster

What is it?

Skin Boosters are made up of a combination of Hyaluronic Acid.

We lose collagen and moisture in our skin as we age/ go through sun damage. By directly injecting Hyaluronic Acid, a naturally occurring compound, into the dermal layers of the skin, we deliver hydration to exactly where it is needed. This is unlike typical cream or serum, where absorption can be limited. It is no wonder no amount of creams I use can give me that Korean glow!

Restylane has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of:

- Wrinkles and folds around the mouth and nose - Facial lines on forehead and around the eyes - Definition of the cheeks - Volumising of the lips - Overall facial shaping and contouring

Dr Gerald Ee was the doctor who administered the treatment! He was really jovial and smiley so it really puts his patients at ease even though I was about to get small needles poked all over my face! Check out his blog for much more beauty related stuff.

I was so wowed by this picture taken without makeup when I saw in my camera! My skin looks so bright and smooth from the previous 2 Q switch treatment from The Clifford Clinic here.

Procedure: 1) Numbing cream is first applied onto face and left on for ~30 mins 2) Lie down in treatment room, clean off numbing cream. 3) The face feels numb. The doctor uses a gun to deliver the product into your skin. The gun used in The Clifford Clinic has 5 micro-injectors where exactly 0.01ml per injector is delivered precisely into the dermal layers of your skin 4) The process is repeated throughout the entire face, focusing more on the problem areas like the cheeks 5) Lastly, the face will be cleaned after the process is done and some antibiotic cream will be applied on

After the treatment! The entire procedure was quick. If you are afraid of pain like me I do not think it will be any issue because the numbing cream saved the day. My face felt funny when it was numb, like I knew my face was there but I could not figure the exact location of my eyes and nose if I did not use my hands to touch my face. Someone should invent an edible numbing cream to numb my tired soul lols!


Expect a downtime of 2 days because there are going to be bumps on your face. You cannot really tell there are many bumps on my face from the above picture which was taken far away.

Scroll down if you want to see how it looks like immediately after treatment!

PS: Do not stare too long at the bumps as it might get a little uncomfortable if you have Trypophobia.


Taken straight after treatment. These bumps start to flatten out soon.

40 minutes after treatment. You can see the bumps have significantly subsided!

2 days after treatment. Most of the bumps have cleared.

The Clifford Clinic uses Authentic Restylane

Always ensure you are in the hands of trusted professionals! Many clinics ride on the Restylane reputation but use ineffective or even unsafe substitutes. The Clifford Clinic uses authentic Restylane, which is expertly applied by trained and experienced aesthetic doctors.

They only use treatments and products of the highest quality so rest assured you are always in trusted hands!

My skin is glowing from the inside out after the treatment and all I have to apply is CC cream when I leave the house. Gone are the days of heavy makeup which can get really unbearable in this weather. I used to have to set my makeup with powder, which can get really cakey, but now I do not even need a highlighter for my skin anymore. All credits goes to The Clifford Clinic who knows how to work magic on skin~

Is it I am one more step closer to my dream of becoming a Korean so I can look for Oppa? (Hehe I kid)

The Clifford Clinic 24 Raffles Place #01-03 Clifford Centre Singapore 048621 (Exit A from Raffles MRT)

Mon to Fri: 10am to 8pm Sat: 10 am to 2pm Sun: Closed

Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays (+65) 6532 2400


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