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Eyebrow embroidery at Limmy's

3 days ago, I popped by Limmy's to do my eyebrow embroidery. Located at 88 Rangoon road, their shop was was easy to find because it was less than 5 minutes walk away from Farrer Park MRT. Upon stepping into the shop, I was greeted with cheery chimes from the bells that were dangling by the door. They have free milk teas on Tuesday but because it was Friday, the staff passed me a cup of fragrant green tea as I sat on on the sofa to wait.

Excited girl doing her eyebrow embroidery!

After awhile, the staff came up to me and helped me to wipe away my eyebrow makeup. A numbing cream was applied and I waited for 1 hour for it to work. I would suggest you bring along a book to read! Or if you are feeling brave you might take a walk along the shop houses outside with the cling wrap on your face. The whole street was filled with quaint cafe which had a vintage vibe to it.

A clear clingwrap was pasted on top of my eyebrows. It looked really comical haha!

After an hour, I was brought into this room to commence the eyebrow embroidery procedure. The beautician who did my eyebrow embroidery was Susan and she was really patient. When it was time to draw the desired eyebrow shape, she always checked in with me to ensure that I was satisfied with the shape. Everytime she made a minor change, care was taken to make sure that I was comfortable with the tweak. Finally after I agreed with the outline, a clean blade was used to do the embroidery on my eyebrow. I was amazed that no machine was used! There is just something unnerving about a mechanical sound buzzing nearby your face.

So how does it look like after 3 days?

Jeng jeng! Hers a no makeup picture.

I am so happy with the results because this means I can sleep more in the morning now. If you compare it to my previous no makeup picture below (before Limmý's brow embroidery, you would see that my eyebrow looks darker and more defined). Still, it looks natural at the same time. I was told that the colour would continue to fade and touch up is required after 3weeks.

Previous no makeup picture taken before Limmy's eyebrow embroidery. I really love the results!! Just look at the difference eyebrow embroidery makes.

Limmy's is currently having a November promotion where their 6D eyebrow embroidery is going for $344 instead of $688 (50% off omg!)

For more information, you can contact them at

88 Rangoon Road #01-05

Singapore 218374

M : 8112 0232


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