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Things to do in Seoul: Silloam Sauna house (실로암불가마사우나)

Hello dear readers!

As a continuation from my Seoul itinerary, today I'll be blogging about Siloam Sauna house, know as Jjimjilbang in Korea! I was actually brought to this place by my friends and it turned out to be a really awesome place!

We do not have a Jjimjilbang in Singapore so it was a refreshing experience for myself. Basically, you pay an entrance fee and you can experience everything in the building (payable). You can even pay an inexpensive fee to stay overnight.

This was the towel given to us. Everyone had to wear it like this so my friends taught me how to fold it!

Upon entry, we had to make payment at the counter. We then headed to the Women's bathroom to change and get our locker keys. I was kind of worried that we had to go naked but apparently this bath house gives you comfortable baggy clothes to wear!

Apparently, this is the best Jimjilbang in Seoul and it is located conviniently at Seoul station. As you can see from the floor directory, there are table tennis room, barber shop, places for you to get your nail art done etc.

No idea what is a snorer's room. If your partner snores alot maybe you can put him there.

After paying an entrance fee, we had to leave all out items in the locker. No idea why I was so happy to be at a jjimjilbang's locker room. Do take care of your items though! I had a mini heart attack when I thought I lost my wallet which contained a few hundred dollars. Turns out it was inside one of my winter wear's pocket.

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There are a variety of rooms to choose from like the fermentation, salt oxygen, hardwood charcoal, and jade room. Each individual room offers various health benefits. Some rooms had temperatures up to 80 degrees! Of course you cannot stay too long inside! They have a sign beside the door which indicates the room temperature so you can choose which room you would like to go.

I had a fun time with my friends there and if you would like to destress on your holiday trip, I would highly recommend this place!

Admission Fees [Bath] Daytime - Adults: 8,000 won / Children (ages under 10): 6,000 won Nighttime - Adults: 9,000 won / Children (ages under 10): 7,000 won [Bath + Jjimjil-bang (Sauna)] Daytime - Adults: 10,000 won / Children (ages under 10): 9,000 won Nighttime - Adults: 15,000 won / Children (ages under 10): 11,000 won * Daytime: 05:00-20:00 / Nighttime: 20:00-05:00 (the following day)

Directions (from

Seoul Station (Subway Line 1 & 4), Exit 1. Go towards Seobu Station, go past an overpass, and walk across the street. You will see the sauna on the 5th floor of the building to your right.


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