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Things to do in Seoul (Winter): Elysian Ski Resort with SeoulPass

Happy new year dear readers! I am so excited to be blogging about this today because it is my first ski experience! Thanks to SeoulPass I was able to experience skiing this year! With SeoulPass, I was able to book my ticket online and board the shuttle bus at my desired location, experience skiing and commute back effortlessly!

Very excited to see snow because #Singaporean #NeverSeeSnowBefore #MountainTortoise

On the morning of the ski tour, I gathered at Dongdaemun History and Cultural Park at 7.40am (my desired location I chose. You can also chose from Hongik University or MyeongDong station) We boarded the bus and set off once everyone was accounted for. On the bus, there were both cantonese and mandarin speaking guide who took turns to speak. They told us the journey would take approximately 1 hour 30 minutes and I fell asleep soon after.

After some time, we reached this skiing rental place where we could choose the clothings we wanted. They were arranged according to size (small medium large) and there were so many varities to choose from!

You could bring the clothings into the fitting room to try in order to see which size suits you best! After that, we went back on the bus again and continued the journey!

We have reached the Elysian Ski Resort!

When we were there, we gathered into a line and changed into our ski equipments according to our shoe size. It is recommended to get one size up from your normal shoe size!

The Elysian Ski tour also included lift passes so you could ride the lift up and admire the view! For the beginner slope, you could take a moving lift (basically a travellator that goes up slope) so you can ski down down again instead of lugging your equipments all the way upslope!

Very happy to be in the snow! I was basically on the floor throughout the ski trip because I kept falling hahaha. It was great that there was a ski instructor from a ski school included in this package because they would spend 1 hour 30 minutes coaching and guiding you. You would be taught how to fall, turn, walk and go backwards in the ski equipment. If not I think I would spend all of my time being like this in the snow:

After a few rounds of skiing (or falling) my makeup was almost gone but it was so fun I did not really care anymore hahaha. It was super cold so I had to wear my own winter clothes beneath the dark pink winter suit I rented from the clothing shop. I did not have on googles or helmet because it is not included in the package. It would cost extra 10,000KRW to rent them so do take note of that!

In summary, this was the basic outline of the entire tour trip!


7:00 Hongik Univ. station Exit #8

7:30 Myeongdong station Exit #2

7:40 Dongdaemun History and Culture Park station Exit #12

(A guide will look for you having a sign board with logo!)

9:00 Arrive at Elysian Ski Resort / Wear ski gear and equipment

10:00 Basic Lesson

12:00 Self lunch

13:00 Free ski

17:30 Leave for Seoul

To book, visit

SeoulPass or


wechat --- skytourkorea

line --- snowtour888


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