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Dermatology skincare services at JW Plastic surgery and Skin clinic

Apart from the famous plastic surgery that Seoul has to offer, it is no secret that Koreans do take of their skin really well. After hearing of the dermatology service called PRP + MTS, I went down to JW to try it out. I know right! I thought plastic surgery clinics only cater to invasive procedures but I was really surprised that a plastic surgery clinic offered skincare services too. I did not do any surgery but an awesome skincare at JW!

(Picture taken 2 days after PRP+MTS)

PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma and it is done by micro needling! Usually, it is done with fat grafting (moving volume from another part of the body to your face) but because I did not want to do plastic surgery or anything invasive and my focus was on skincare, I opted to do only the PRP + MTS! BRING ON THE SKINCARE!!!!!

At their clinic, waiting to meet Jay! He was well spoken and could speak well in english so I did not have to worry about language barrier.

They have pictures of past patients for you to browse while you wait. The staff were also very polite and courteous so the ambience was really great.

After it was my turn, I was led to this counter where they had all the items you need for you to remove your makeup. Because PRP is a skin care procedure, it is important to cleanse your face well~~

Next, I was offered a choice to go for anesthesia or numbing cream. I chose the latter and I was warned that it would be painful! I thought my pain tolerance was quite high but when I was undergoing the procedure it really hurt alot so I would suggest you opt for the former. Although there was numbing cream I could feel the painful needle pokes.

I had a bed to myself! How cool was that! I changed into the hospital gown and waited for the nurse to draw my blood. How PRP works is by using the isolated platelets in your body for collagen production. By drawing your blood, the nurse would then spin your blood around in a centrifuge machine to seperate the growth factors and platelets that are essential for tissue healing. Then, they would inject it back into your skin! It is mainly using your own body materials so it is very safe.

Sterile PRP tube to collect my blood

After finding your veins, the nurse would proceed to draw blood. I did not feel much pain here but the picture was blurry because I was disturbed that there was a needle in my arm lol.

After it was done, I went upstairs to the surgery room and had to lie on this bed while bright white surgery lights were shone on me.

This is the ready PRP that would be injected into my face! During the procedure, I teared involuntarily because it was painful~ I think I got like at least 30 pricks all over my face. After the PRP was done, the doctor also injected botox onto the side of my jaws for a slimmer face.

Cooling gel was then applied all over my face. It was used to make my skin feel relaxed because after the procedure your face feels hot and pulsating for some reason. The doctor also helped to pop my pimple which explains the red dot on my hairline haha.

Downtime: I was told that I would need about 3 days to recover because my skin would be red, but I was easily able to use concealer to cover and needle pricks. Can you see all the needle marks over my entire face, especially on my forehead! Nevertheless, I was able to take pictures the next day!

For more information about PRP and MTS + botox at JW Plastic Surgery, visit

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