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Eyelash extension at KO BROWS

Its been a few months since I went back to my trusty place to do my eyelash extension. Previously before I went on my one month solo trip in 2017, I went to KO Brows for the first time for eyelash extension. Despite going through the snow, skiing and snowboarding, the lashes were intact and I could not bear to remove them even after I came back. So glad that I am back here again for my lash extension!

The front desk of the shop

Love the cosy corner for customers to relax while waiting for their turn to do the eyelash extensions. Perfect place for your partner to chill too.


I was ushered into this waiting room and the friendly beautician explained to me about their eyelash services. They have a file for each customer so even if you have forgotten what design you opted for the previous time, you can simply refer to the file and ask the beautician to do the same design! Each strand of eyelash is attached individually to your existing lash so it feels really comfortable.

Also, they take the time to interact with their customers to find out about their concerns, and they would personalize and recommend eyelash extension design for you based on your eye shape, preference etc. Ultimately, the choice still depends on you! Talk about top notch customer service <3

Price list~~

After the consultation was done, I placed my bag on the chair and started my eyelash service. It was so comfortable I fell asleep most of the time lol!

Rushed down to collect my Smooth Q product straight after the eyelash extension. No redness at all and look how awake my eyes looked!

To book your eyelash appointment

+65 6996 0364 +65 9295 6788

No. 6, Raffles Boulevard Marina Square Mall *01-230/231 Singapore

Monday to Sunday 10:30AM To 8:30PM


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