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Hwacheon sancheoneo ice fishing festival with KoreaTravelEasy

Hi dear readers! Apologies for not blogging as usually as I did as these past few months have been hectic. As I was completing my final year thesis, most of my time were spent on reading an abundance of literature to ensure I absorb ample knowledge for content component in my essay. Anyways, as the thesis has been submitted, I have more free time now to do my writing again!

This post is backdated to my 2017 November-January 2018 Solo trip in korea, where I embarked on a fun and hassle free tour with KoreaTravelEasy! This time I went on the ice fishing festival tour, which is only available in winter! Hailing from the sunny Singapore, I have never stepped on a field of ice prior thus I was really excited for the trip.

As they have a few meeting points to choose from (Hongik university or Euljiro 1-ga station), i opted for Hongik university station as it was more convinient for me.

As the bus ride was very comfortable, I dozed off and before I knew it, the bus pulled up at the destination within 4 hours. The tour guide started to hand out fishing necessities such as fishing rod and bait, but because I was the early bird on KoreaTravelEasy, they gave out free ear muff, scarf and hot pack as well! After walking through a few streets and stalls, we reached the fishing area for foreigners and were given a tag to wear!

A briefing was conducted and after awhile, we dispersed onto the ice to start our fishing!

This was the spot I chose to fish! There were still remnant of blood along the outlines of the rim so I thuoght there might be plenty of fish there!

The atmosphere was really great, and the excitement would be caught onto the crowd when someone catches a fish.

Before long, I caught a fish myself as well!

After a few hours, we were treated to a sumptuous meal of grilled fish that we have caught!

I was really satisfied after eating the yummy fish, but there was still an added bonus! The tour guide passed us 5000 KRW (around SGD4-5) and WE COULD USE THE MONEY TO BUY FOOD FROM THE FESTIVAL!!!!

Happily, we strolled the streets to find some authentic Korean food!

Ordered some sushi

Korean Kimchi pancake (omg fav!!) and some really nice Korean roll. I forgot the name but it was so amazing! I have never seen it in Seoul's street so it was a treat to discover it!

After eating that, a stroll around the area allowed the tourist to purchase snacks untypically found in Korea

They had carnivals and zipliners for tourist to play as well!

All in all, I really enjoyed myself on the tour, and because KoreaTravelEasy had this 1+1 promotion, I was able to bring along myself and a friend for the price of 1 (around $25SGD?) ! Considering that it included transport, earmuffs, scarf, fishing rod, bait, 5000KRW (~~$4-5), a fish that you caught for lunch, it was a trip that was well worth the money!

Check out this video for what went on behind the trip!

For hassle free tour booking, visit

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