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Tokio Inkarami treatment at The COMB Hair

Hi dear readers! As you know, my tresses have been in a bad shape after bleaching them for four times! I have tried almost every colour possible, from violet to pink to red to orange and even to blonde, and now it was the time to give it some rest. Thus, I headed down to the korean hair salon THE COMB at 12 Gemmil Lane to try out their new Tokio Inkarami treatment!

The place was really easy to locate as it was just 5 minutes walk from the train station

Look at my crazy and frizzy hair!

The stylist explained to me that these were the products to be used on my hair

Did a hair wash and he sprayed the treatment solution on my hair.

The next step entailed some hair pounding action. The stylist applied the solution to my hair, took locks of my damaged strands and started to curl his hands into a fist and knocked the treatment into my hair. Lols! It was as though my hair was getting a massage.

Left the treatment on and after awhile it was done!

Loving the effects of the treatment now that my hair is so much smoother and managable! If you want to visit, here is their address:

12 Gemmil Lane

Singapore 069252

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