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Rejuran at Knightsbridge clinic

Hello dear readers! Due to my skin concerns, I recently went to Knightsbridge clinic to try out the Rejuran treatment. What was special about this Rejuran treatment was that I received one that was fortified with HA, which means apart from the healing properties of the DNA fragments from salmon (polynucleotides), the water loving molecules of the Rejuran (婴儿针) would work its magic to attract moisture for the glowy look on my skin!

The location was easy to find as they were situated near Chinatown (277B South Bridge Road, Singapore 058826. It is not easy to miss the golden door nestled amidst the shop houses!

The entrance to The Knights Bridge clinic

Climb all the way to the top and you would find yourself face to face with the main clinic entrance.

After I was attended to at the front counter, I headed along the corridor to prepare for the Rejuran treatment. The soft glows of the clinic really made me felt at ease.

I was led into the treatment room where my face was first cleansed.

As Rejuran was to be adminstered manually with very small needles or with hand gun injection on the dermis layer, numbing cream was applied and left on for 15 minutes. I opted for manual injection instead of the hand gun as it was recommended for optimal results. Personally, I find the manual injection to be more painful than the hand gun injection so be prepared!

I was given 4 syringes of Rejuran. Heres how they looked like out of the box.

Rejuran and its benefits:

Skin restoration and healing

Repair damaged dermal (skin) cells, assist in collagen stimulation

Slows down ageing, improves skin elasticity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Improves acne scars and pore minimization

• Requires 3 – 4 treatments, done 3 – 4 weeks apart • Maintenance every 6 – 12 months

After the whole procedure, my face felt like it was burning slightly, so healing gel was applied on my face to calm the skin down. After a few minutes, I wore a face mask and headed back home. Of course, I was advised to avoid the sun and not apply any makeup for 12 hours afterwards.

Is there any downtime for Rejuran?

Rejuran requires minimal downtime, but there would be bumpiness on your face for 60 minutes after the treatment. For myself, I was not sure whether my skin was thinner or more sensitive thus bruises appeared on my left undereye. However, it was easily covered with a concealer.

One day after rejuran. You can still see the bumpiness and unevenness of the face. By the 5th day, my skin more or less returned to its non bumpy state.

Thank you Knightsbridge clinic and pretty Dr Chloe Ho for restoring my baby skin! I do notice a smoother texture and fading of my inflammation after the Rejuran treatment. To experience it for yourself:

Clinic Info

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