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Things to do in Seoul: Dermatology services at ME clinic

Visiting Seoul was always like dipping my hands into the glass jar of the candy store for my skincare needs. Recently, I visited ME Clinic in Korea and I was pleasantly surprised; not only by their multi-level standalone building, but also by their customer service. I initially felt apprehensive to contact them due to my Korean language constraints, but my fears were alleviated when online communication with the clinic was carried out in English language from the get-go. From the website, details were written in English, and Chris, the point of communication for bookings and appointment, was always swift and accurate in conveying his responses.

Upon arrival at the clinic which was located a few minutes walk from the Gangnam-gu office station (Note it is NOT Gangnam station), I headed up to the 4th floor where I was greeted with posters of their services available.

Filorga and Rejuran are amongst one of the abundant services they offer.

Apart from their dermatology services, they also offer a plethora of various procedures like hair removal and plastic surgery.

Immediately upon arrival, I was greeted in Korean language but I conversed in English so right away, the staff contacted their in house translator, wired by a walkie-talkie-like device. Within 5 minutes, the translator appeared and with her good command of English, I was able to register.

Soon, I was promptly whisked away into the consultation room where I met with Doctor Jeon, Seung Joon. I raised my skin concerns to him and he advised me on the procedures specially tailored and individually customized for me.

Through the consultation, I was recommended to do

1) Water shine injection

2) Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) skin rejuvenation

3) Botox for jaw

Afterwards, the nurse administered numbing cream all over my face and we proceeded with the treatment.

1) Watershine injection

Watershine injection consist of Hydraulic Acid, which is a powerful moisture-binding ingredient that keeps your skin hydrated from within. Doctor Jeon used a gun method injection to deliver the watershine injection. It was something I familiar with but despite the numbing cream, I felt that it was painful and I winced everytime the doctor pressed the injector gun on my skin. Thankfully, it was over quickly.

Not going to lie, but I would say the pain was 7/10, but the hydration boost was well worth it.

2) Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) skin rejuvenation

What is PRP?

PRP is a natural product from your own body, whereby during the treatment a small amount of blood would be drawn and placed in a sterile tube that is spun down in a centrifuge to separate the different components of the blood. During this process, plasma that contains higher than normal number of platelets (aka platelet rich plasma) would be separated from the red and white blood cells. Then, this PRP would be injected into specific areas of your skin that promote collagen growth and skin tightening.

It sounded scary to me when they mentioned that blood would be drawn from my hand into a tube, but it was a painless experience.

The blood drawn would be placed in this centrifuge where they will spin the proper nutrients needed to be injected into your skin

Doctor administering the prp. He used the microneedling approach which made it so much less painful! Previously when I did prp at another clinic via the injection method, I teared so horribly. I was so glad this did not hurt as much

How to contact them

As I did my student exchange in Seoul, I was familiar with Kakaotalk, a famous mode of communication for the Koreans, thus I made appointment with him through the app.

Alternatively, they have other means of communication such as through email (, and through phone contact number (+82-10-3118-7591).

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