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Contact lens review: Maxim daily contact lens from Contactsdaily

My favourite kind of shopping is to do it online, and imagine my amazement when I found out that you can even order contact lens online! Ordering contact lens online saves the hassle of heading down to the physical store and simply clicking a few pages for you order to be delivered to you conveniently.

Contactsdaily offers a range of contat lens, ranging from daily, monthly, to multifocal and toric lenses.

This was the lens I ordered from them:

Maxim daily contact lens

These daily lens come in a variety of colours.

I bought the (i) Blackberry lens

In this picture I am wearing (ii) Brownie lens

Lens from Contactsdaily have the lowest price guarantee, and even when I paid for my order, my order arrived within 3 days! I was pretty amazed at the speed which they process their order and would continue to order from them!

Use FIRST20 to get $20 off your first order above $120!

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