• Xinpei Kat

Pure Natural Thailand Seaweed Silk Mask review

Hi dear readers!

I rarely share about the skincare products I use because I have not found any that was worth a mention, but today I'm so thrilled to share with you a skincare product that amazed me after I used it.

It is the Pure Natural Thailand Seaweed Silk Mask!

Being a lazy person, I usually only moisturize my skin, skipping the application of products such as toner or serums etcs. As they say, it is always better to start skincare early rather than late so one I picked SKII brand of toner, serum and cream to try. As I would soon realize, that decision would prove to be a bad idea when my skin reacted adversely towards the SKII products.

As you can see in my past post and videos, my skin was always clear even without makeup. However after starting the new skincare regime, my face started breaking out.

Horrified to see pimples and spots popping up on my face, I went to SQUEEZE THEM, thinking I could simply get rid of them by doing so. Obviously, that did not work and it simply aggravated the situation, causing red marks to appear on my face. I was so upset because not only did I purchase something unsuitable for my face, but also because my genius brain thoughts my dirty fingernails could get rid of the white spots.

Thankfully at that point in time I was offered the Pure Natural Thailand Seaweed Mask to try. Initially I was very apprehensive because I saw that it was being promoted by various influencers and I TOLD MYSELF I WOULD NOT FALL FOR ANOTHER MARKETING GIMMICK. Yet, with my face breaking out so horribly, I told myself why not give natural skincare product a try.

Pure Natural Thailand Seaweed Silk Mask is made of all natural ingredients. It supplies 14 vitamins, 16 amino acids and 70 trace minerals including selenium, iron and zinc, just to name a few.

Furthermore, it is very easy to apply. Just wet the mask!

Personally for me, I do not advocate for products that do not work even if I am offered a payment to blog about it, but after using the seaweed mask I felt that in my situation, my redness and inflammation was reduced. Using the mask religiously for 2 times a day over 1.5 weeks, I saw a reduction in my skin redness and feeling of silky smooth skin. I placed the mask on for 15 minutes at a time.

Scroll down to see how bad my skin got and how it improved after the seaweed mask.



DAY 3: After using 6 seaweed mask. Skin seems to have calmed down.

DAY 7: Skin looks less angry already

DAY 15: Redness disappeared! Circumference of red spots also became milder and blended more into the skin.

I love the seaweed mask and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to reduce the redness on the skin. The only downside was that for the moisturizing properties wise, it did not work that great for me, and I would still prefer my Laniege mask. Otherwise, it is a great mask to use considering it is all naturale and can be used for people with the following skin concerns

All in all I am glad to discover this mask and feel so fortunate that my skin is back to normal again after many months. It was definitely a bad idea to squeeze my pimples.

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