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Picocare laser at The Clifford Clinic

Hi dear readers, as I have been travelling after my graduation, bear with me for my lack of travel post! Today's post would be about Beauty related content as I just did my laser with Clifford clinic with trusty Doctor Chow. So excited to share this new technology with you!

As usual, after I arrived at the clinic, I headed to the washing bin area to remove my makeup! They have makeup remover for even sensitive skin so no worries about bringing your own.

Headed to the room to put on the goggles after removing makeup! So vain put googles also must selfie lol. These goggles are essential to protect your eyes from the strong laser rays.

Machine of Picocare 450 Laser

What is the Picocare 450 Laser?

This laser utilises the latest technology in laser innovation.

It can treat:

•Fine lines


•Tattoo removal

•Skin restoration

• Hyperpigmentation and sun spots

When I was ushered into the room I was told that this laser might have 3 day's downtime. I raised my concern to doctor Chow that I had a shoot the next day and he assured me he would adjust the wavelength so I could resume my daily acitivites.

<non filtered picture straight after laser>

Indeed no major redness (mild redness only on spots and freckles area where Doctor Chow targetted). So glad I could resume my daily activities instantly.

If you have read my previous post about the Q switch done at Clifford's clinic, you might be wondering what is the difference between these 2 lasers?

As compared to Q switch, Picocare 450 lasers can distribute energy in prodigiously short bursts (within several billionths of a second). The speedier the laser is, the more proficient it is. When the Picocare 450 laser was administered, it felt milder and less "laser-y" than the Picocare.

I don't know how to explain the delicate feeling of this Picocare 450 laser but in my own experience, Q switch laser was like a thick rubber band snapping against your skin while Picocare 450 felt like the impact of a thin rubber band without the sharpness of the recoil. You have to experience it to know what I am talking about!!!

Doctor Chow also helped me to do botox on my jaw muscles to make my face smaller! He observed that I was losing alot weight so he said if I liked a small face I could do botox but I should eat more. How rare that your doctor could be so concerned and witty in the same sentence!!

Thank you Doctor Chow for maintaining my skin and introducing this new technology to my readers and myself! To make an appointment:

The Clifford Clinic 24 Raffles Place #01-03 Clifford Centre Singapore 048621 (Exit A from Raffles MRT)

Mon to Fri: 10am to 8pm Sat: 10 am to 2pm Sun: Closed

Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

(+65) 6532 2400

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