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EMSCULPT at Mendis Aesthetics: Where art thou my abs? (Session 1 and 2)

Soft, springy flesh has always been the hallmark of my abdominal area and regardless of how little carbs I ate or how many crunches I did, my abs have always displayed an adverseness to the light, preferring to nestle beneath my layers of flabs. I always had a partiality towards a sculpted, lean look in my midsection look yet the pursuit of ab definition had always eluded me, materializing themselves only as lofty goals. It was only until I chanced upon the latest EMSCULPT technology from MENDIS aesthetics at Mandarin Gallery that the goal of chiseled abs seemed more attainable.

A further lookup about the clinic led me to realize that it is helmed by Dr Rohan Mendis who graduated from NUS medical faculty, with a plethora of experience in many hospitals including SGH and NUH, a Fellowship of Royal College of Surgeons and a membership at The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons (AACS) under his belt. Furthermore, he has also trained under various international surgeons. Armed with a spirit full of excitement, I made an appointment to experience the EMSCULPT technology for myself!


EmSculpt is a technology that stimulates muscles and firms the body using High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy. This energy induces 20,000 muscular contraction in 30 minutes, aiding with body toning goals. Apart from the abs I so desired, EMSCULPT also helps to tone a perky butt, less the side effects of chunky thighs that accompanies squat sessions at the gym.

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Situated in Mandarin Gallery, Dr Rohan sees Singaporeans, expatriates and international patients in his clinic, focusing on non-surgical aesthetic treatments and the latest technology to enhance client's life in a wholesome manner.


333A Orchard Road

Mandarin Gallery


Singapore 238897

​+65 6235 1728

Inside the clinic: look at how many features Dr Mendis has!!!

Emsculpt machine

After a thorough consultation, I was taken to another room to sign a few disclaimer forms, and to ensure I was not pregnant, menstruating, or have any pacemakers, metals or electronics inside my body. Afterwards, I half waltzed down the hallway behind the staff into a room housed with the EMSCULPT machine which boasted of 19% reduction abdominal fat and 16% increase in muscle mass after four sessions, according to clinical studies.

After removing any metal devices and accessories, I pulled up the elastic band of the blue robe above my chest and laid on the bed.

To begin, the nurse placed the iron-lookalike-paddle of the Emsculpt machine parallel against my skin. She started the treatment at 10%, just to allow ample time for the body to be accustomed to the feeling. While it was not painful, it was quite a peculiar sensation as the EMSCULPT tingled through my tummy. After ample time to adjust to the feeling, the intensity of the treatment was dialed up, gradually to 70 (at this point it felt like my tummy was the soft toy pulled upwards in the UFO claw machine), and eventually to 100. The whole process was manageable, I could converse with the nurse throughout the treatment and at one point in time I was thinking "Well, if this is how pregnancy contraction feels like I might consider having babies in future" (to my dismay, Dr Rohan said that most of his patient said that birth contraction was way worse lol!)

After 30 minutes, I stepped off the bed to peer underneath my blue robe in hopes of greeting my abs but as it was only my first EMSCULPT session, it was unrealistic of me to expect abs to appear so quickly. It is recommended that you attend consecutively 4 sessions of EMSCULPT within 2 weeks, one session 3-4 days apart. For maintenance, a healthy diet, exercise and follow up treatment once every few months is recommended. There is no downtime and you can return to work immediately. It is priced at $900 per session.

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How did I feel after the EMSCULPT?

Having induced 20,000 crunches in 30 minutes, I was expecting my abs to be terribly sore as though I have exerted myself at the gym. Yet,I only felt a little tightness around my abs area up to 2 hours after the treatment. Initially I was wondering if my body was not responding well to the treatment, yet surprisingly when I tried to do a burpee like I do everyday, I could lift my entire body upwards together in one motion using my core when in the past I used to rely heavily on my back muscle to pull myself to rise. I was pleasantly surprised at how EMSCULPT strengthened the core, although the results are not evident currently. I believe in time, my abs will become more articulate after the treatment at MENDIS AESTHETICS.


As a follow up, I went back to MENDIS AESTHETICS after three days to continue the second session of EMSCULPT, and I'll leave you to watch the video of the process!

For your viewing sake, here is the summary of benefits from EMSCULPT!

  • FDA approved, non invasive treatment to sculpt your body sans the side effects

  • Boost your metabolism

  • No downtime

  • Get rid of fats while toning muscles simultaneously

  • Irreversible fat cell death, which means permanent results!

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