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EMSCULPT at Mendis Aesthetics: Where art thou my abs? (Session 3)

Healthy eating, exercise and adequate rest has always been the bedrock of developing a lean physique. Although an ubiquitous fact, overcoming the inertia to follow through with these guidelines takes an entirely different set of discipline. While I have adopted clean eating and HIIT habits, I still lacked ab definition. Recently, I have been delighted to discover EMSCULPT as a conduit to hasten the development of abs.

I came into MENDIS AESTHETICS with fleshy abdomen, but always left the swanky clinic with better defined core. Since then, in my earnest voice I have always espoused the effectiveness of EMSCULPT, much to the surprise of my friends who wondered where the cynic in me, who vehemently resisted such technology as "fads", now reside. If you have read my experience with first and second session of EMSCULPT, you would be no stranger to my "road maps to abs" journey. Naturally in this post, I would review the third session of EMSCULPT, and show you my progression.

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Located on the fourth floor of Mandarin Gallery, Dr Mendis offers a huge range of aesthetic services such as dermal fillers, laser skin treatment and anti aging facial apart from EMSCULPT. Its elegant interior, outlined by its gentle lights, always reminded me of a dove's nest.

A blend of Doctor's accomplishments greet you as you lounge, while the sound of water cascading upon themselves bubbles in the background.


As per the standardized procedure, I was given a thorough consultation, signed the agreement form then was brought into the room to begin EMSCULPT. Personally, I appreciated the individualized consultation as it allowed me to glean an understanding on what can be improved from my lifestyle (diet, excercise) to achieve my goals. Doctor Mendis truly focus on a whole person approach so he offers advice beyond what you already know. I mean, the last thing you would want is to not know what you are doing wrongly and throw a spanner in the works in your quest for aesthetics improvement right!


After changing into a blue robe, I was eager to start the treatment to become one step closer to a 19% reduction of abdominal fat and 16% increase in muscle mass (after 4 sessions, according to clinical studies)!

How does EMSCULPT work?

While it is not humanly possible for us to complete 20,000 crunches in 30 minutes, EMSCULPT induces powerful muscle contractions mirroring such physical activity. This forces the muscles to adapt, and as a result proliferate in volume when muscle fibers multiply. Throughout this process, fat cells die permanently and ultimately excreted as waste.

Close up of EMSCULPT machine

(From Left) As you can see, the Intensity (A/B) can be adjusted, and the maximum time allowed is 30 minutes! Above the 3 vertical bars, encased within the blue circle are 2 paddle shaped logos. Only one is lit up (Paddle A) as I require one paddle for my tummy area.

Straight away after EMSCULPT

Can EMSCULPT only be used on the tummy?

Apart from the abdomen, the FDA approved EMSCULPT can also be used on the butt. These contractions causes muscle fibers to break down and regrow stronger.

Research has shown that these muscles can be preserved for up to 6 months, and it is recommended to attend consecutively 4 sessions of EMSCULPT within 2 weeks, one session 3-4 days apart. For maintenance, a healthy diet, exercise and follow up treatment once every few months is recommended.

While the trifecta of methods I adopted for ab growth seem to produce limited result, EMSCULPT has readjusted this sombre margin and has tightened my abdomen area. After the treatment, I feel a stronger back and core, gaining the ability to hold planks for a longer duration. Each time I step beyond the tranquility of the clinic, a wisp of gladness trail behind me in the air.

While EMSCULPT helps to build muscles, it is definitely not a miracle machine, your diet and lifestyle are essential to complement the EMSCULPT session too. As with how muscles grow, you will gradually see improvements after 4 weeks when the muscles have been given time to develop.

To schedule an EMSCULPT session with MENDIS AESTHETICS:

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Visit or

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