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As a frequent user of makeup, my inattention to thorough skin cleansing brought the accumulation of dead skin and debris on my pores. Overtime, I witnessed the gradual dulling of my skin tone and -- horror, horror -- the expansion of my pores. Adding onto the deterioration of my skin condition was the fact that between catching more sleep and docking five minutes off the margin of my sleep schedule to exfoliate my skin, I would always choose the former. It was necessary, then, that I sought help to ameliorate my skin condition.

Seeking to refine my pores at MENDIS AESTHETICS (MANDARIN GALLERY)

Full of pore diminishing promise, MENDIS AESTHETICS delivers with their latest technology, the MOSAIC laser.

What is the MOSAIC laser?

Characterized by its patented technology that delivers multiple arrays of randomized microscopic laser beams to the skin, the MOSAIC laser is regarded as a pioneering aesthetic solution for skin rejuvenation. Woes about scars (from acne, burn, surgery), sun damaged skin, rough skin/open pores, wrinkles and skin laxity from aging skin would be allayed by this fractional technology laser.

While this superb effect call into question the amount of downtime required, MOSAIC laser has its distinctions. This technology, unlike similar fractional laser, boast of minimal downtime as it only delivers energy to damaged section of your skin, leaving the healthy areas undisturbed. This results in regeneration of collagen and overtime, a more uniformed skin tone and enhanced texture.

What happens when you undergo the MOSAIC laser?

Firstly, a thorough cleanse of your face would be done.

Next, topical anesthetic cream would be applied on your neck, upwards onto your cheeks and forehead. I was surprised when the anesthetic cream was spread on my neck. Despite my numerous laser attempts I have never known of a laser that targets your neck, but apparently Doctor mentioned that the first sign of aging ambushes you from the neck!

Clingfilm will be placed atop the places that the numbing cream was applied.

After 20 to 30 minutes, a maneuvering gel would be applied to lubricate your face for easier gliding of the device.

When the laser device was travelling around my face, I felt a heated sensation. Doctor assured me it was normal, and the procedure ended promptly after 3 rounds of cruising across my skin.

A calming gel is then applied post procedure to calm the skin. Your skin might turn pinkish (as per the middle of my neck area and the zone around my cheek) after the procedure. Within an hour, the skin relaxed back into its muted peach tone. In fact, I was admiring my shrunken pores and illuminated skin in the mirror when doctor walked into my act of narcissism. It was amazing that the laser could work its magic within a short span of time.


Personally, Mosaic laser triumphs other array of lasers in the market as the result of immediate glow is not lost to lengthy downtime. In fact, application of makeup is allowed soon after the procedure. It is even advised to apply sunblock post mosaic laser, as your skin is producing collagen while it regenerates. Thus, would want to prevent pigmentation. While doctor did highlight that flaking of skin might occur, I did not experience that side effect thankfully!

Other benefits of MOSAIC LASER includes:

1) Tighter skin

2) Decrease appearance of scar, wrinkles and enlarged pores

3) Constant regeneration of collagen and elastic fiber even for months following treatment

4) Improvements in atrophic scars, smoother skin texture and brighter skin tone

To experience the benefits of MOSAIC laser for yourself:



333A Orchard Road Mandarin Gallery

#04-17 Singapore 238897

+65 6235 1728

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