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Hair dye and treatment at Athens Salon

Just right before Chinese Lunar New Year, the people from Athens salon kindly gave me a slot in their insanely packed schedule to save my hair!

Located at Midpoint orchard, it is a one stop place for hair treatment, hair dye and even nail services!

Popped into their store and was greeted by this cute little backdrop that customers could take pictures with!

I was really impressed with the interior design and the whole feel of the shop. True to its name, it has the whole Greece feel to it. Athens is the capital city of Greece thus I felt it was a really nice touch to the ambiance.

Love the floor to ceiling mirrors outlined in gold! This whole salon engaged all my sense of wonder without being overstimulating.

If you could tell, the mirror reflects a painting on the wall which I was intrigued by. This salon has its customer service experiences right down to these little details.

As you could tell, I walked in with long hair. However because I have bleached my hair thrice, it was unhealthy and had to be snipped off. At first I was apprehensive but thanks to the trusty stylist, it turned out amazing! Their stylist even had the experience of styling Jay Chou (omg!!)

Athens salon

220 Midpoint Orchard #01-01, Singapore 238852

How to get there:

Take the public transport and get off at Somerset MRT. Take the escalator up and you will reach Forever 21.

Once there, cross the road and you will be greeted with their grand looking store which overlooks the shoppers of Orchard.

Operation Hours Mon-Fri: 11:30–21:00 Sat: 11:30–20:00 Sun: 11:30–19:00

Telephone +65 6222 2101

Be sure to call them to book your appointment before going down!

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