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Laser Stubborn Tattoo Removal at Veritas Medical Aesthetics (FracTat™)

This 2021, the sunken hopes of yesteryears was made buoyant again when I discovered Veritas Medical Aesthetics after intensive research about effective tattoo removal online.

If you did not know, I have an almost invisible tattoo on my wrist. It was barely visible to the eye mostly because it was white. However, it was because of this exact colour pigment that caused some complications in the tattoo removal process (it turned black!). Despite 8 sessions of tattoo removal prior at other clinics, the pigments still stubbornly stayed etched in my skin, so much so that that I have given up hopes of improvements.

Yet, when I read about Veritas Medical Aesthetics, I was amazed by their innovative methods thus I decided to torch the boundaries of my resignation and headed down to their clinic for a consultation!

At Veritas Medical Aesthetics

While I was never a person to give up easily, I was not able to resolve the issue of the white-ink-turned-black despite many attempts to various clinics, and if there was a barometer for that feeling, I would have to say it is equivalent to a guy chasing his crush for 5 years only to be let down each time. Or...when you thought your boyfriend was going to propose but he just wanted to tie his shoelace (HAHAHA!).

Yet, what drew my hopes up again were the science-backed treatment in their clinic. Veritas is a pioneer clinic in Singapore to use a large collection of more than 10 different lasers for skin treatments. Of those, there are lasers used for tattoo removal too. When I read that, I was stoked because if I have finally found a clinic with a treatment that actually helps to get rid of stubborn colored ink, all the more I should create awareness around it so that people can actually try it and see visible results too right?

From their site:


Veritas Clinic adopts a unique perspective towards aesthetic treatment: a patient-centric experience combined with research-proven procedures. To that end, we develop our own proprietary protocols and only perform carefully selected treatments that deliver real, visible results to you."

Veritas Medical Aesthetics is helmed by Dr Chua Cheng Yu (Founder and Medical Director), and Dr Lena Fan. Revealing within its name is an ethos of "doing their best for the patients, even if it is counterproductive for the business", which distills itself right down to the word "VERTIAS", a latin word for "truth". He is currently the only Singaporean LAHA international expert lecturer, and has given talks to local and international doctors on various skin conditions.

Look at their awards!

Tattoo removal: FracTat™ laser

About the FracTat™ laser.


First, numbing cream was applied to the area.

After 30 minutes, the numbing cream was wiped away.

I followed the friendly staff to the laser room!

Look at those funky cool technology all in one room!

FracTat™ laser:

FracTat™ tattoo removal is innovative in a sense where the treatment creates nano-size holes in the skin over the tattoo area before the main laser procedure. This is important because it enables steam, gasses and ink particles to more easily escape through the skin during the subsequent full-beam Picolaser pass, thus avoiding the ‘frosting’ effect. True to its claims, my tattoo removal area did not suffer from any frosting!!!!!

FYI: If you do not know what frosting is, it is what typically happens to your ink after your usual tattoo removal process (eg: like through Q-switched laser). Just imagine what happens to the outer layer of a marshmallow as it crackles over the barbeque fire, except now that is the area of your hand where the ink bubbles up into a layer of white frost. PS: This is my own experience of how it happened, don't quote me. Please google how it looks like. I do not want to put the picture on my blog because I still get goosebumps everytime I think of it.

And with the frosting you suffer twice, because there would be a period of peeling and crunchy skin that curled around the edges of your ink. I always, always tried so hard not to scratch it.

But okay I digress...

So this pre-treatment "priming" is essential as it allows for a very short waiting time between multiple passes, which can reduce the typical number of treatment sessions by more than half. Also, it generates minimal skin damage, which translates to low risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and short recovery time.

Lying down on the bed where Doctor Lena Fan started the FracTat™ procedure.

Doctor Lena Fan was so, so nice and pleasant! I think I can safely say I have never met a doctor friendlier than her. She puts you at ease with her voice and clearly explains each step of the procedure. Even though I could not see with the googles on and did not know what to expect, Doctor Lena Fan was very professional and melted any tension I had.

Process of FracTat™ laser.

If you are familiar with Q-switched laser, you would realize that FracTat™ laser is different in the sense that the handpiece of the latter zaps your ink pigments in cubes. What was different about FracTat™ laser, as compared to Q-switched laser, was that FracTat™ required fewer zaps. Personally, the pain scale of FracTat™ laser was higher INITIALLY at the first zap (maybe 6/10), but became 3/10 subsequently. Dr Fan constantly checked in with me throughout the procedure, and she administered a cooling fan to increase the comfort level.

It was done in a such a jiffy that I was confused when it was over, because the entire sessions only compounded to a few zaps (which means lesser pain!)

All in all, I had a great experience for the first session of my laser tattoo removal at Veritas Medical Aesthetics. The entire experience revealed within itself the doctors that were so welcoming and had good knowledge about what they were doing. I am so grateful to be working with them and I cannot wait to complete the entire tattoo removal journey! In my next post, I will write about the aftercare services that they have for their patients.

From their site:

Veritas "customize (their) approach for each patient, which means that the components of your combination treatment may not necessarily be the same as the next person’s treatment. We suggest that you come in for a personal consultation with our team so our doctors can thoroughly assess your condition and map out a specific treatment plan and its corresponding quotation.

Veritas Medical Aesthetics

13 Stamford Rd,

#B2-35 Capitol Piazza,

Singapore 178905

CONTACT US +65 6283 3885 (Call) +65 8129 9789 (Whatsapp)

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