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Part 2: LDM Ultrasound Therapy after FracTat™ at Veritas Medical Aesthetics

Nothing compares to the feel of undoing your #liferagrets, so writing about my tattoo removal with Veritas Medical Aesthetics is always something I am excited about. While you have probably seen my first tattoo removal post here, I decided to write about the aftercare that is available at Veritas Medical Aesthetics.

FracTat™ Aftercare:

On the same day after my session of FracTat™ at Veritas Medical Aesthetics with Doctor Lena Fan, I was administered the LDM Ultrasound Therapy on the laser site.

While the FracTat already merits itself on its two step procedure which

(1) reduces number of sessions by more than half

(2) minimal downtime of scarring, blistering & frosting

LDM Ultrasound Therapy could avail patients of a quicker recovery process by merits of its technology. This medical device can stimulate skin to produce its own moisture molecules, reduce inflammation in the skin and promote collagen production. Needless to say, this procedure stimulates the skin's healing process and I was both pleasantly surprised and relieved when I found out about the LDM Ultrasound Therapy procedure. Hooray to quicker recovery!

Inserting a random picture of myself just because

How is the LDM ultrasound Therapy process like?

Initially, my wrist still felt the stinging from the laser, as though the ink was jumping in staccatos underneath my pale skin. A blanket of cooling gel was then applied and immediately, my skin felt calm.

Using the handpiece from the LDM Ultrasound Therapy machine, slow and circular passes were made around the tattoo site.

FracTat™ laser recovery process

Veritas FracTat Recovery: Immediately after

Veritas FracTat recovery: 5 days later


Having gone through at least 3 different kinds of lasers in my quest to remove this tattoo, I would have to say that the FracTat™ tattoo removal at Veritas was the one that was infinitesimally preferable. This was attributed to the fact that not only was the laser tattoo removal process more bearable in terms of ratings on the pain scale, the recovery process was comparatively quicker. When I first laid my eyes on the tattoo after I removed my bandage, I expected to see massive blisters because it was what I was used to when I underwent different tattoo removal procedures in the past.

To my surprise, not only were there no disfiguring blisters like those I encountered in the past with Picoway laser at another clinic, my tattoo lightened drastically with minimal discomfort and pain after each session of FracTat and LDM Ultrasound therapy with Veritas

To give you an idea of how those blisters were like, I dug through my archive from 3 years ago. I thought I'd share about my previous recovery process when I was undergoing Picoway laser.

Word of warning before you scroll down though, the pictures include blood and might be a little gross.

Picoway (Conventional laser) recovery process

Healing process of Picoway laser that I did in 2018. On average, it took about 4 weeks to fully heal.

As observed, there was a longer healing duration for the Picoway lasers as compared to the 2 step FracTat™ laser. Blistering occurred and I regularly had to adjust to the discomfort of abrasion when the wound would rub against the bandage.

I went through around 10 sessions of traditional Picoway laser, yet minimal effect was observed.

FracTat™ laser: Comparatively more comfortable and effective (Personal Opinion)

However, thanks to the mystery of technology and innovative ways of treatment by Vertias Medical Aesthetics, my wound healed within 3-5 days of the FracTat™ laser. There was also no blistering. This leaves me unfettered by practical constraints when I had to decide on what clothes to wear (it was a frequent choice to pick long sleeves over casual clothes just so I could hide the blisters from Picoway laser).

Moreover, it also reliefs me of the worry whenever someone might question why I had this huge plaster on my wrist. Of course, the Picoway laser did lighten some ink pigments but with the advent of time and innovation, there springs a myriad of laser tattoo removal methods, and the combination of FracTat™ laser and LDM Ultrasound Therapy is definitely one I would recommend!

Veritas Medical Aesthetics is helmed by Dr Chua Cheng Yu (Founder and Medical Director), and Dr Lena Fan.

With Veritas Medical Aesthetics, it was gratifying to know that the doctors look for the best way to customize treatment methods for each patient. If you would like to opt for an almost pain free laser tattoo removal method with lower down time compared to conventional lasers, schedule an appointment with Veritas Medical Aesthetics now!

Just FYI, the FracTat guide price for a palm-sized tattoo is $420 per session before GST

Veritas Medical Aesthetics

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Capitol Piazza,

Singapore 178905


+65 6283 3885 (Call)

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