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SUNEKOS® at The Artisan Clinic

Central to the theme of anti aging treatment lies the importance of restoring elasticity and volume in our face while simultaneously achieving natural results. Although I have tried the ubiquitous Profhilo prior, I have never heard about SUNEKOS® until I was introduced to the wonder of this treatment by Dr Isaac Wong

Dr Isaac Wong, international aesthetic speaker / doctor / trainer and medical director at The Artisan Clinic

The Artisan Clinic at Paragon Medical Suites

At the clinic, a consultation was done by Dr Hoe Ying Min, whose astute eyes traces across my face to find the lines and wrinkles left unnoticed to an untrained eye like mine. The bygone times had left behind its footsteps, and Dr Hoe recommended SUNEKOS® to my forehead, temples and undereye. However, I was afraid when it came to the undereye area so Dr Hoe, taking the patient's comfort level and concerns into consideration, focused on the forehead and temples

What is SUNEKOS®

SUNEKOS® is the only natural product in professional dermo-aesthetics that stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, restoring elasticity and volume to the skin. Unlike Profhilo, who is better suited for mild signs of skin ageing, SUNEKOS® consists of both Hyaluronic Acid and patented Amino Acids (HY6AA sequence), Hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin and amino acids stimulate collagen production. The end result is a firmer, smoother, poreless skin, without fine lines or wrinkles!

SUNEKOS® has one of the hardest type of collagen to be produced and is mainly found in the basal lamina. It is also the specialized sheet-like Extracellular Matrix of multi-cellular tissues that exists around certain cell types.

With HA+HY6AA, it triggers the fibroblast activities that will promote regeneration of Type 4 collagen to your skin by itself.


First, numbing cream was applied on my face

After the numbing cream has settled in, Dr Hoe injected the SUNEKOS® into the transdermal level of my forehead, in which will treat and prevent skin aging and elastosis, reduce expression lines and forehead wrinkles and restore its natural volume. The entire injection was done within 15 minutes and I could leave the clinic and return to my daily routine immediately!

When should I expect to see the benefits of Sunekos® 200?

While the improvements from Sunekos® would be evident after the first session, the standard protocol for face consists of 4 injections over a 3 to 4 weeks period

This slim vial of SUNEKOS® has tremendous potential to transform the dehydrated, fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead, into a one that is rejuvenated from the inside out. The fantastic result from the before and after photo below was the reason why I decided to embark on the SUNEKOS® journey!

Can't wait for my forehead to be as smooth as this!

Personal Thoughts:

Looking into the groundswell of self-care, investment into one's skin is definitely what I would put on the top of my list. Packed with Amino acids and Hyaluronic Acid, the first treatment of SUNEKOS® already saw a smoother forehead texture. While SUNEKOS® is not a filler but rather a medley of goodness to heal and mend your skin, it helps to improve the contour definition of your skin too!

Although SUNEKOS® required more jabs than the 5 points Profhilo, I felt that this treatment actually targets the neglected area, such as your forehead and underye, which Profhilo is unable to achieve due to the nature of Profhilo's substance. Coupled with Dr Hoe's meticulous skills, requiring more jabs was not an issue and I did not see much bruising; I even went to meet a couple of friends for meals and they did not realize I just had multiple jabs on my forehead. It has been a week since my first treatment and I am already seeing the glowy results on my forehead, I can't wait for the 2nd treatment in about a week's time! I will share with you the improvements then!

The Artisan Clinic is 1 of the 7 approved clinics that offer this innovative SUNEKOS® treatment

To book an appointment for your treatment

The Artisan Clinic

290 Orchard Rd, #07-01

The Paragon, Singapore 238859

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