2nd visit to The Clifford Clinic

July 28, 2017

Hello friends! 


It has been some time since I came back to Singapore and I have been so busy with so many things that I have neglected my social media for awhile. Many things happened in Korea which I am still recovering from. Please be patient with me as I clear the backlog of things!


For now, I am so excited to share with you about the aesthetic treatment I did after I came back. As a follow up for my previous Q switch, I did my 2nd Q switch session at The Clifford Clinic. This time, Doctor Chow recommended me to do botox on my jaw to make my face slimmer. Trusting his professional skills, I went ahead with it~



Headed down to The Clifford Clinic and waited patiently for my treatment. 

I went in for consultation with the doctor. As usual, I removed my makeup to wait for the treatment to begin. 


The nurses asked me whether I was scared of needles (I was, hahahahaa) so she applied numbing cream at the side of my jaw. 


After several minutes the numbing cream took its effect and I proceeded into the room. Heres me without makeup, waiting for Doctor Chow to work his magic!

Doctor Chow was as excited as I was!!!! Its so nice to have a doctor who is so enthusiastic about his work in beautifying people. Pardon my no makeup face here. 

We began  with the Q switch treatment. Heres Doctor Chow with his swanky gears!


If you have missed out on my previous post here , these are the benefits of a Q switch laser:


What is Q switch laser?

- One of the most technologically advanced, FDA approved laser

- Able to remove of both superficial and deep hyper-pigmented lesions

-enables the skin to look finer, smoother, brighter and clearer up to 3-4 weeks after treatment

-boost collagen and elastin level in your skin



The process was really quick and it was not  painful at all. The only discomfort I felt was when the laser was around my chin area. I guess it was because there was a new pimple mark there. 


On an unrelated sidenote, doesn't Dr Chow look so cool with his medical gears hahhahaha 




Also, I did the botox jab after the Q switch. It was done in less than 5 minutes, with 1 jab on each side of my jaw. 


As I was afraid of needles, Doctor Chow and his assistant assured me calmly and pressed a vibrating stick against my chin for distraction. Surprisingly, I did not feel any pain even though a special method, which required moving the needle around in the needle jab area, was used. It just felt a little sour, as though you have just eaten a green apple sour sweet haha.


What is Botox? 

Botox is a non invasive treatment. It acts as a muscle relaxant which will relax your muscles and cause the shape of your jaw to decrease in size and become slimmer. 


Results are seen about 3-5 days after the first session. 


It typically last for up to 6 months and touch-up treatment is required.




Heres a picture of my skin after the treatment.  You can barely see any marks except for a few red dots. I even walked around town and went home barefaced after this. 



❤️ Thank you The Clifford Clinic for taking care of my skin! With them, I know I'm always in trusted hands! ❤️


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